How can we lead and support? Leadership & Professional Development

  1. Professional Development in a Maturing Initiative

  2. A Principal's Perspective

  3. Should Students Take Them Home? Lessons from Auburn's Take-Home Exploration

  4. Building Community Support

  5. PD for Continuous Improvement

  6. Auburn's Customized Learning and the Role of iPads

What happens in the classroom? Curriculum, Pedagogy, & Assessment

  1. App Speed Dating

  2. Redesigning Managed Independent Learning Zones with the iPad in Kindergarten Classrooms

  3. So Many Apps, So Little Time: Choosing and Using Quality Apps

  4. The SAMR Model

  5. iPad in Formative Assessment

  6. iPads in Special Education

  7. Leveraging Technology for Metacognition in Mathematics & Science

  8. iBook Author

  9. iPad as a Creative Tool

  10. A Day in the Life of an iPad

How do we know our implementation is working? Data & Research

  1. Research on iPads in the Primary Grades

  2. Using Process and Outcome Data to Inform Your Initiative

  3. Supporting Your Initiative through Purposeful Research

How do we make sure the equipment will work well for users? Technical Project Management

  1. iOS Management Overview

  2. Large Scale Technology Implementation

  3. JAMF’s Casper Suite as an MDM Solution

  4. Managing iPads & Apps in the Classroom


DRAFT Concurrent Session Topics

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